Have Show

Will Travel

Patrick Williams and Bob Franklin, two former English teachers who love to entertain, decided in the Spring of 2014 to form a traveling theater production company (Paladin Productions: Have Show Will Travel) in order to bring dinner theater type entertainment to local country clubs and dining establishments.

They knew that clubs were always looking for new ways to solidify their food and beverage operations by drawing more members into the dining rooms on a regular basis for dinner and drinks; and they thought it would be worthwhile to explore whether local clubs would be responsive to the idea of hosting theatrical productions, including musical revues, on a regular basis.

Not surprisingly, the responses were overwhelmingly positive, the more so since the only charge to the clubs was to be enough to cover expenses for the shows (performance rights, costumes, lights, sound, etc) . With that framework in mind, Pat and Bob created “Paladin Productions: Have Show Will Travel,” established a Board of Directors and hired an attorney to set them up as a tax-exempt organization.

Initially, our sound equipment was made available at a subsidized rate from Mike Mottsey of Pro Audio; and rehearsal space was graciously provided by Pat Cunning at the Woodside Development Design Center. Currently rehearsal space is being provided by Cumberland Village. Once our tax-exempt status was granted,  Paladin Productions was able to accept annual contributions, donations, and sponsorships and we have, through the generosity of friends and patrons been able to meet capital costs like storage space, and the purchase of our own sound and lighting equipment better suited to the various venues. With your help we can continue to bring you quality entertainment, so please become a supporter, a contributor, or a sponsor.... it's TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!